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herpes zoster

Tea and a balm for herpes
Herbal mixtures in the treatment of herpes zoster affects multiple, primarily removes the cause of herpes zoster virus and varicella zoster symptoms occur: grouped plihovi, pain, itching, feeling of weakness, fatigue, fever, burning and tingling feeling and if plihovi stretch along the course of spinal nerve then occurs, and enlarged lymph nodes. If the affected part of the trigeminal nerve in the vegetable mixture and tinctures besides the removal of herpes zoster prevent complications in the form of conjunctivitis and corneal damage - shingles ophtalmicus, and if the shingles in the auditory nerve by the herpes zoster removal will prevent damage to the auditory nerve. It also prevents complications that occur as a partial or complete paralysis of the face. For herpes zoster begins the general feeling of weakness accompanied by mild fever, burning sensation and pain on one side of the body. For several days, the same body part, along the affected nerve, the rash appears and emerging small fluid filled plihovi. Usually occur on the chest, abdomen, back, face, but may be affected by the neck, arms, legs or lower part of the back. Affected area is very painful, and sensitive dependence on a case usually very itchy. After one to two weeks plihovi go and create a scab but the pain may remain. If the pain is deep after the last change of skin, it is about postherpetičnoj neuralgia, where a mixture of the tincture for the treatment of herpes zoster also give good results. Changes are always localized unilaterally and if they appear on both sides of the body in question is herpes zoster duplex.
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