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Early symptoms of pregnancy

Early symptoms of pregnancy
Is there anything folds of days before "the days of the month" when a woman wants a baby? Will you come or not? Is it the twinge in her stomach and breasts strained, but perhaps the first signs of a big change? Is this a result of fatigue of early pregnancy or just busy? What are the first symptoms of pregnancy? What makes a woman may notice that she is pregnant? Some women immediately after conception, but know they have succeeded, others merely hinted at it when they fall behind in period: there are many symptoms of pregnancy, which - at each minor, in others more pronounced - indicating a miracle that happens in your body.

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• The absence of menstruation is one of the surest symptoms of pregnancy. When the fertilized egg cell, namely, does not come as usual to a drop in hormone levels and peel the lining of the uterus. Caution: The period can be excluded for other reasons - for example due to stress, unstable hormone levels or because of some organic disease. On the other hand can turn to during your period come to light bleeding, even though you are pregnant.

• Women are often first noticed the changes on the chest. Breasts become larger, tense, and sensitive nipples. The cause of this increased production of hormones, which over the mother's pituitary gland, but in early pregnancy symptoms and encourage the growth of mammary glands. But keep in mind: breasts can cause tension and periods approaching.

• Nausea is also a pretty clear sign of successful fertilization. But it manifests itself very differently. For some women there ujutrorani pregnancy symptoms, in others it occurs continuously, or coming in waves throughout the day. Some appeared only nausea, and vomiting and some more than ten times a day. Nausea is the culprit for the pregnancy hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin).
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