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Bladder infection symptoms

Bladder infection symptoms
Bladder infection symptoms is a multisystemic disease of animals and humans, subacute or chronic course, which is manifested by changes in the skin, joints, heart, nervous system, eyes, etc. The disease has an unpredictable course and tendency to recurrences and chronicity. The disease is predominant in North America but also occurs in Europe, Asia, Australia and North Africi.Uzročnici Lyme disease is a spiral bacteria that are classified in order Spirohetales, Spirochetaceae family and genus Borrelia. Within the group of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato is more than 10 different species-genospecijesa some of which cause disease: Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto, B. garinii, B. afzelii, B. valaisiana, B. Lusitania, B. japonica, B. tanukii, B . turd, B. andersonii and B. bissettii. It is proved that the first three genospecijesa associated with clinical cases of disease in humans. Some studies show that B. bissettii and B.valaisiana can infect humans but this species is not considered as important causes of disease. Genetic variation between species explain the difference in the clinical symptomatology of the disease. B.afzelii infection causes skin lesions, predominantly B.garinii neurological disorders, while B. burgdorferi sensu strictio leads to arthritis. None of these groups is not specifically related to only a single pathogenic form of Lyme disease, but it is considered that there is a certain degree organotropizma.
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