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chronic gastritis

chronic gastritis SYMPTOMS - as opposed to acute, which usually takes only 24-72 hours, the symptoms of chronic gastritis may last for a longer period of time.

gastritis CAUSES - this disease is usually a sign of a disorder, such as an ulcer in the stomach or duodenum, iron deficiency anemia, or other stomach diseases. It may also have something to do with stomach acid or B12 deficiency viamina and invading bacteria in the stomach.

gastritis TREATMENT
Stop with the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Check which type of drug you create a problem.
The next herb is useful: tea calendula and aloe juice treated abdominal walls.
Chamomile, ginger and turmeric reduce inflammation.
Elm and marshmallow please the stomach.

Avoid - mustard, pepper, vinegar, strong acids (including sour fruit), sugar, preservatives, cheese, alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee, all indigestible and irritating substances, vegetables that are not fresh, pickle, confectionery and quick eating.

Physiological rest - do not eat fish, poultry, game and any type of meat, Inala will come to the secretion of HCl (hydrochloric acid) that will be staying in the stomach. Vegetables that are not fresh, fried foods, fat (except in natural emulzifikovanom condition), ample meals, tea, coffee, wine and all kinds of alcohol should not be consumed.

FOR LOCAL gastritis congestion - 15-minute fomentacija the stomach 3 times daily with Heater Compressors between applications, hot compress to your feet after which followed heated compresses revulzivni bath for the feet, the legs after a hot bath followed by cold feet frictions. During the acute phase should not be eaten and should be resting in bed.
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