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interstitial cystitis

What is interstitial cystitis (bladder inflammation of unknown origin)?

by frequent and difficult urination with pain in the region of the pelvis and the lower part of the abdomen whose etiology (origin) is not fully known. So, the question is a disease whose cause is not fully known, nor the mechanism of occurrence. It is a chronic condition characterized by long periods without symptoms that alternate with aggravation.

In this interstitial cystitis disease specifically that there are no specific laboratory, pathological and radiological signs that help in the diagnosis. Unfortunately, because the cause is not known, nor the treatment is not very successful, so all treatment oriented toward minimizing the symptoms of the disease. There are two types of the disease that are recognized, ulcerative and non-ulcerative who are different macroscopic, histological, and pathophysiological, but not much, and clinical.

Numerous authors have attempted to clarify the origin of this disease, but not with much success. As mentioned challengers production of toxic substances in the urine, inflammation caused by certain bacteria and viruses, neurogenic hypersensitivity (oversensitivity), autonomic disease, the lack of certain substances in the mucosa of the bladder ...
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