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Menopause - a new beginning
Just like puberty, menopause or postmenopause is a very sensitive and often difficult period in the life of every woman. Endocrine balance is disturbed, the rhythm of the organism is changed it is usually followed by a number of unpleasant symptoms. But menopause is not the end of life and certain lifestyle adjustments and acquiring some new habits, you can ease the transition from one age to another.

Menopause symptoms is not a disease to be .
It represents a major life change you have to get used to, as some women find it difficult. Hot flashes (heat waves), fatten, water retention, blood pressure disorders, heart palpitations, vaginal dryness, some of the most common problems that women face in this period. The fact that menstruation ceases, the sexual life of one segment is completed, you are no longer young, a woman thrown into despair, causing depression, anxiety and moodiness.

To help yourself, you have to accept the fact that "every epoch has its own burden'' and precious moments Aromatherapy can be of great help, because many etraska oils contain phytoestrogens and fitoprogesterone, a substance very similar to the activity by female sex hormones. This group of plants are sage, lemon balm, fennel, anise, fenugreek, konopljika, licorice root.

Many oil its healing effect regulating a variety of symptoms: act relaxing, improve drainage of water from the body and normalize blood pressure. It is important to emphasize that the menopause is a process and it does not happen in one day. Organism takes time to adjust to the new situation. Not all women react the same necine. The severity of symptoms depends on: genetic factors, health status, dietary habits, and stress the degree to which a woman is exposed.
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