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Acute nephritis is an infection of , most commonly caused by the penetration of bacteria from the bladder through the urethra into the kidney. If it starts on time to treatment, kidney infection can cause irreversible kidney damage or infection can spread through the bloodstream causing life-threatening condition - sepsis. The urinary system consists of the kidneys, ureter (the ureter), bladder and urinary tube (urethra). Kidney infection typically causes a gram-negative bacterium Escherichia coli, usually originating from the colon enters through the urethra tube in the bladder, and there begins to multiply and spread. Staphylococcus saprophyticus is the second most common cause. Other species are Klebsiella, Proteus mirabilis, Ureaplasma urealyticum iEnterococci. A kidney infection can also occur through blood, but in thin slučajevima.Simptomi disease are pain in the flank or back pain, severe abdominal pain (intermittent), temperature - above 38 degrees Celsius for a period of more than 2 days, chills, hot skin, flushed or redness of the skin, moist skin (diaphoresis - expressed sweating), vomiting, nausea, fatigue, pain in the body, urinating, increased frequency of painful urination, or making frequent urination, the need to urinate at night (Nocturia) blurred or abnormal urine color, blood in urine, unpleasant or strong smell of urine, changes in consciousness or confusion.
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