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Meniere's disease

Meniere's disease

The disease Meniere s disease consists of three characteristic symptoms: dizziness, noise in the ears and hearing loss. It is the accumulation of fluid in the membrane region of the inner ear, and untreated can lead to severe hearing loss and balance system. The treatment, given that the most common cause is unknown, using drugs from different groups. Often the symptoms after pulling a child with a reduced salt intake and taking diuretics. We also occasionally provide local or systemic corticosteroids, and rarely substances that destroy the inner ear (gentamicin: when there are marked disturbances of equilibrium, with the previously licensed hearing in that ear).

Meniere's disease

Changes in the blood vessels that supply blood to the area of ​​the inner ear and cerebellum (Meniere's disease) can also lead to the maintenance of balance disorders. This condition is very important to accurately differentiate from vestibular neuronitis, and similar diseases in isolated unuatarnje ear.
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