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Ear infection symptoms

ear infection symptoms

Glandule ear infection symptoms. Dissection of the anterior neck. In this example, there is a small accessory thyroid gland on the right hand placed on m.thyrohyoideusu, lateral to the thyroid cartilage. A. thyroidea superior blood supply primarily anterosuperiorni part of the gland.

The ear infection symptoms gland or thyroid gland (L. glandule thyroidea) lies below the m and m sternothyroideusa sternohyoideusa, anterior neck at the level C5-T1 vertebrae. It consists primarily of the left and right lobe, anterolateral to the larynx and trachea. Relatively thin slices across the isthmus connecting the trachea, usually anterior to the second and third tracheal rings. The thyroid gland is surrounded by a thin connective capsule, which sends connective tissue deep within the gland. Dense connective tissue capsule strengthens the upper tracheal rings. Outside the capsule is a loose sheath, which forms the visceral layer of deep cervical pretrahealnog list fascije.Jako circulation thyroid gland supplies a thyroidea a superior and inferior thyroidea. These blood vessels lie between the fibrous capsule and loose fascial sheath. Usually the first branch of the carotid artery externae, a thyroidea Superior, descends to the upper peaks of the gland, pierces pretracheal layer of deep cervical fascia and divides into anterior and posterior branch, which mainly supply the anterosuperiornu surface glands. A. thyriodea inferior, the largest branch of the trunk thyrocervicalisa (a branch of the first part of a subclaviae), runs posteriorly from the vaginae superomedijalno caroticae cervical fascia (a sheath carotis interna) to reach the posterior surface of the thyroid gland. It is divided into several branches that pierce the pretracheal layer of deep cervical fascia and supplies the posteroinferior part of the gland, including the lower peaks. Right and left superior and inferior thyroid arteries anastomose lots within the gland, ensuring its abundant blood supply while providing a collateral circulation between the carotid artery and subclaviae externae.
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