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His rebounding BEND - Osgood-Schlatter
This pain syndrome occupies first place in frequency in almost all sports in which there are frequent jumping, running, or stretching the knee joint with a big load. For example, in volleyball knee semimembranosus and represents 28% of all sports injuries, or even 40% of the top volleyball players have problems during their sporting careers. Is no better in basketball, handball, high jump, long jump, Osgood-Schlatter triple jump, weightlifting, cycling, skating, ice hockey, but no skiing, cross country skiing or tennis. All this raises the overuse syndrome in the first place infamous for the frequency at all, which refers not only to professional sports, but also to amateurs.

The main characteristic of Osgood-Schlatter disease condition is pain in the knee and just below or above the patella (or sliver). This is the small bone on the front of the knee that is easy to spot, because it is just below the skin. Its function would be clearer if it knows its position in the knee joint. It is in fact "inserted" in the large tendon femoral muscle (quadriceps or thigh muscles četveroglavog) and used it as a moving base point thus reducing friction when tendons move and facilitating the movement itself. When there is a large load of inflammatory process exactly where it binds to the patella tendon and then this condition is called "a jumping knee."
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