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Sexually transmitted diseases are an important issue in the world and in our country , due to the high incidence , but also because of possible irreversible effects on general and reproductive health . Sexually transmitted diseases are diseases that are transmitted by direct contact during sexual intercourse ( vaginal, oral or anal ) with an infected to a healthy person. The most widespread bacterial sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis , and should think of viral sexually transmitted diseases : HIV / AIDS , human papillomavirus ( HPV ) , herpes simplex virus ( HSV ) , hepatitis B virus
Why are young people vulnerable to infection and transmission of sexually transmitted infections ? blue waffles
The most common sexually transmitted infection
What are the typical signs of sexually transmitted infections ?
What consequences can cause sexually transmitted infections ?
Preventing the transmission and spread of sexually transmitted infections
chlamydial infection blue waffles
HPV infection
genital herpes
Vaginitis ( inflammation of the vagina )
HIV disease or AIDS
Syphilis ( syphilis )
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